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Owens and Co. Introduces Private Label Soap

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We're thrilled to write that we're now carrying an array of our own private-lable soaps sold exclusively at Owens and Company. The lineup, which features Pikake, Hibiscus, and Coconut, are made in Hawaii and make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Come get clean with us. 

Check out Lei Chic's post on our new soap line by clicking here


Welcome to the Neighborhood, Grondin

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We're thrilled to write that we have yet another great restaurant in our neighborhood. Dave and Jenny, a husband-and-wife team from New York, moved to Honolulu just over a year ago to open their latest restaurant, Grondin, a French-Latin kitchen. The food is phenomenal and the ambiance is very hip with brick walls and low lighting. They've already received a tremendous amount of positive reviews and the place is bumpin' for dinner. 

If you're looking for the new, hip place to eat in Chinatown, check out Grondin on Hotel Street. (Located just up the street from Lucky Belly) 

The steak is next-level deliciousness. 

The steak is next-level deliciousness. 

Chinatown Scrubdown

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On Saturday morning, more than 100 volunteers, merchants and friends of our growing neighborhood made their way down to Chinatown to help clean the streets. Dubbed the Chinatown Scrubdown from our friends at Nella Media Group, proved to be a huge success. This was the second time the event was held and we can physically feel the community down here strengthen with every window we wash and every graffiti tag we cover. Huge mahalos to all who came out and helped. 

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Piggin Out

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It's no secret that we're in love with our little neighborhood here in Chinatown. Whether it's the architecture, history, or the people, there's always something catching our eye. And since we first opened our doors a few short years ago, we've been privy to see the neighborhood really take on a new face as countless businesses and restaurants are re-claiming this storied area of Honolulu.

Most recently, we've been salivating over a new restaurant that opened just down the street from us called The Pig and the Lady. Melding traditional, non-Westernized Vietnamese cuisine with progressive culinary trends to create dishes like the ever-popular "Pho French Dip Bahn Mi" sandwich, The Pig and the Lady has already attracted a huge following. The design of the restaurant is hip yet classic and the shared seating makes it easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger (soon to be friend). Everything on the menu is great, but we'd crawl across ground glass for the Pok Pok salad and the aforementioned Pho French Dip. If you're ever in Honolulu, it's a must. Trust us on this one. 

Photos below from Honolulu Magazine / The Pig and the Lady, 83 N. King St., thepigandthelady.com

Hawaii_The Pig and the Lady_Andrew Le_afb_2011_14073.jpg

Conde Nast Travler Features Owens & Co.

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We're thrilled to say that our little shop was once again featured in Conde Nast Traveler. The piece, which accompanies a larger print feature on Honolulu's growing food scene, highlights the gifts that the author picked while on her trip. Among the goodies that the author, Deborah Dunn, snagged included one of our tees from Salvage Public, a BoxEleven bark-cloth wallet, and a Waikiki Beach Sheet and a shark tooth necklace from By Chari. Thanks for the love, Conde!

Click here to see the post! 



An Ode to the Past

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Last year, we were introduced to a new line of Hawaiian-bred tee shirts under the Salvage Public label. Crafted by Joe Serrao, and designed and produced right here in Honolulu, Salvage Public pays homage to the glory days of surf culture in Hawaii. Composed of the softest, USA-grown organic cotton and adorned with iconic images of the late Duke Kahanamoku, old Hawaiian surfboards like the Alaia, and retro fins just to name a few, Joe has the unique gift of finding the quintessential designs that capture surf culture in Hawaii. Needless to say, we were impressed and scooped up a few for the showroom floor. 

Sine we first began carrying the line, our Salvage Public tees have become one of the most popular items in our store. The designs on the tee are iconic, and the fit is perfect. But more than that, we're thrilled to be supporting a young designer who's doing it all by hand, in his own warehouse space, just down the road. 

If you're interested in ordering, you can send an email to aloha@owensandcompany requesting sizes. (They go quick, so we may not always have the full range in stock.) 

Outdoor Holiday

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We're so excited that the holidays are just around the corner. And that means that tt's time to start thinking about shopping for those special people in your life. If you're like us and have both outdoorsy and gourmet chefs as friends, this might just be the perfect set of gifts. 


Cutting board: FoundWood / Jen Homcy $56

Rifle Paper Co. "Herbs and Spices" calendar for 2014 $16.95

Royal Apothic Rollerball in "Extract of Gardenia"  $18.95

Opinel Kitchen Tools $62.95

Royal Apothic Hand Creme in Topiary $22.95

Succulents / Lanikai Pot and Plant  $26.95

The perfect holiday gift set. 

The perfect holiday gift set. 

Senor Zimi

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As some of you may have heard, we've expanded our store to now include an array of clothing lines. One of the ones we're most excited about, Mr. Zimi, hails from Australia. Check out their Mexican-inspired trailer for their new line below. 

Stand Up for this Sit-Down Chair

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Design Sponge recently ran a post that encompassed two of our favorite things: refurbished chairs, and a little inspiration from our friends at Rifle Paper Co. According to the post, these gorgeous, classic chairs were spruced up by covering the backs with Rifle wrapping paper. The end results left us swooning and inspired. 

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An ode to Sundays

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There are few things in my life that I enjoy as much as a Sunday morning. And this morning, with an overcast sky and a free schedule, has proven to be just as relaxing as I had hoped. Of all the moments that make Sunday special, I think my favorite would have to brunch with my family. It's the simple things in life, I guess. 


To Rome with Love

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If any of you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we recently returned from a spectacular trip to Rome. To say it was the trip of a lifetime would be an understatement. From the espresso and wine to the pasta and history, there's no other city that can compare to Rome. Here's a little gem of an image shot just down the street from where we were staying. Can't wait to return. 

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